Our Philosophy


Nyx is the Greek Goddess of the night. At first view you may wonder why we decided to call our Jiu Jitsu brand after this goddess. Jiu Jitsu is not only the best sport on earth, but also an easy way to put someone to sleep. Nyx Fightwear apparal may gives you the superpower to choke everyone out! (Information provided without guarantee. Good training might be helpful as well.)

We also aim at guiding new and aspiring athletes through beginnings of their competition journey. Nyx Fightwear is a brand for athletes, which means that we sponsor athletes with the profit we make. Our focus is on BJJ beginners (esp. white belts, blue belts and kids), because we know how hard it is to find any sponsor, especially as a newbie. That’s why we want to give athletes a chance to get some experience! (Paying their registration fee for tournaments!) We only sponsor athletes once to ensure that as many people as possible get a chance to get sponsored by us.

We are a small brand and we focus on customized clothes, designed with dedication and fair trade produced. All Nyx Fightwear artwork is designed by us for bjj athletes, that enjoy training and competing. We always welcome new ideas and wishes for new designes.
We have a close cooperation with our apparel producer. That is why it is possible to offer uniquely customized gis and fightwear.

Anyway, you will feel great and look good by wearing our apparel, plus you gonna support good cause.

Nothing further at this time,
good night!

Your Nyx Fightwear Team